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Summer Winos: The Book

Now available via our online shop, the first volume of the Summer Winos book series brings fans a revised and expanded celebration of Last of the Summer Wine.

Two Men, 295 Episodes, One Obsession

When two friends decided to watch all 295 episodes of legendary sitcom Last of the Summer Wine in order, they got more than they bargained for. Not just plenty of laughs, but also a fascinating look at 20th century British history through the eyes of Compo, Clegg, Blamire, Foggy and friends. This hugely expanded version of the popular Summer Winos blog sees Andrew and Bob reviewing the first five years of the show in depth, episode by episode. Expect giant carrots, mysterious matchboxes, wayward ferrets, catastrophic canoeing expeditions… and a little too much detail about the prices in Sid’s Cafe!*

With extensive thoughts on each episode, contemporary reviews, 1970s audience feedback, newly-unearthed trivia and a foreword by Last of the Summer Wine’s own Crusher, Jonathan Linsley, this is the ultimate unofficial companion to the formative years of Roy Clarke’s classic BBC sitcom.

*Steak Pie 12p, Fish and Chips 25p, Tea 4p, Coffee 7p.


Here’s what readers are saying about Summer Winos – Volume 1:

“Watched the pilot episode again last night after reading the first chapter. Excellent book.”
“Filled with charm, and a lovely guided tour through the bleak early years of Last of the Summer Wine, when it was less Three Men in a Bath and more Waiting for Compo.”
“Started reading it last night – looking forward to Volume 2 already!”
“I’m loving it. If you’ve ever seen the two lads discussing the series you’ll be familiar with the way they describe things and often go off on a tangent every now and then.”
“It’s not just a match to the show but actually makes me appreciate it even more than I did. Fischer and Smith are warm, generous and witty writers and absolutely love and respect the show, the writing and the cast. But they’re also incredibly astute observers of what we’re watching… It’s almost a perfect example of how to watch something that has mass appeal and give it some serious and thoughtful attention. It’s an absolute joy of a book and I cannot wait until the second volume”

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